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About me

I’m an author’s champion who knows how hard it is to write a good book.

Read the acknowledgment page of even the most successful authors and you’ll see an editor thanked every time. The key difference between being professionally published and going the indie/self-pub route is the editorial and commercial guidance that traditional publishers offer.

Before I started up Bigwig Books I provided exactly that sort of support to my authors, but became frustrated with the limitations of printed books and their restricted budgets. Ebooks, on the other hand, provide almost unlimited potential for writers: A super-fast production time. Unlimited color images. Hyperlinked content for easy access to websites. New ways of telling stories using video, animation, maps, and more. Immediate and global distribution. New authors can tell wholly unique stories and have a real chance to make it, whether they’re writing for their family members or the general public.

For over a decade I’ve been advising authors on everything from how to develop their book’s content to brainstorming cover ideas to producing effective marketing copy. It’s thrilling to help people tell their stories. The results are beautiful – just check out our new projects page if you don’t believe me.

I’m excited about the possibilities, and you should be too. Get in touch and I’ll help you make your book all it can be.


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